Advanced Body Treatments
The & Lymphatic Drainage Treatment is targeted to enhance the circulation of body fluids which is otherwise slowed down due to the sedentary life style of today. This full body weight loss treatment stimulates the lymphatic drainage System by the way of synchronised manual massage strokes ensuring that the massage movements are compatible with aiding the flow of blood and lymph back to the heart. The treatment also focuses in raising the metabolism of the body by raising body temperature to an optimum level. The therapy thereby aids in fat loss for all body types.
  • Measurable weight loss after the treatment.
  • Full body weight loss or fat loss.
  • Improvement in circulation of body fluids
  • A revved up immune system.

Lypelytic is a more intensive full body weight loss therapy with measurable weight loss. This cellulite reduction treatment ensures the stimulation of even the most deep seated muscle groups thereby increasing their uptake of stored fat as their fuel. The neuro muscle stimulators are also used in this therapy to further enhance cellulite control and reduction.

This invigorating therapy instantly delivers results in terms of weight loss and inch loss which are both measurable .the focused, gliding and kneading strokes are given to the body muscles of different body areas special care is taken care of the problem area where the fat accumulation is the most . The anti cellulite gel used during the treatment aids in breaking down even the deep seated fats.

The all in one solution for full body weight loss and toning in of specific body areas. This marvellous treatment targets as well as delivers remarkable changes in out of shape body areas and in total body weight. The usage of an intensive mechanical massager helps in providing a deeper penetration of pressure to the problem areas and the entire body as well. The anti cellulite oil is highly effective in cellulite reduction. The tightening packs and nuero muscular stimulator given over sagging body areas transforms sagging and flabby problem areas to well toned ones.

This treatment is ideal for the areas which are sagging or flabby. These areas could include arms, abdomen, thighs, hips or back . The specific massage strokes, oils, and uplifting Pack make it everyone’s favourite.

This new treatment added to the current chain of state of the art body treatments ensures faster results of body shaping specially for those who are on the look for fast track body contouring treatment. It is ideal for brides or working people who do not have much time to spare for themselves. The treatment caters to more than one area for body contouring. The specialized treatment products and equipment deliver results which you’ll treasure for life.

Bust contouring treatment
Ask for BCT at your city’s PERFECT POINT centre, natural non-invasive bust reduction treatment is gaining popularity now due to the fact that surgeries have irreversible side effects that can put your life at risk. One can suffer from neck, back & shoulder pains carrying large breasts. It could make you feel self conscious and depressed as well. Try reducing the overall body weight if it is in excess along with bust reduction therapies. The bust area is a highly sensitive and delicate area which needs to be treated with utmost care. Exclusive equipments and products along with the manual treatment given to this area progressively reduce the bust size while toning them up at the same time.

Today people are aware of the fact that central or truncal obesity is the most dreaded of all. Fat accumulation over body parts other than abdomen area like hips, thighs, arms, back is not as harmful as that deposited over the abdomen. Central obesity is the cause of all major ailments like type 2 diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, and high levels of triglycerides cumulatively known as the metabolic syndrome. Therefore it becomes imperative to treat the belly fat without any delay or second thoughts. The body therapy named abtrim is self explanatory and suggests that the focus of the treatment is the fat accumulated over the abdomen area. The usage of high end equipments, anti cellulite products and uplifting pack give a holistic approach to the entire treatments the results are a flat and well toned abdomen which you will love to flaunt.