Automated Gym Exercise System (AGES)
The Latest Technology for Fat Loss & body Shaping, Flexibility in Just 3 Hours a Week
Relieves Stress on Joints and Muscles
The most obvious benefit of the AGES is that there isn't any jumping or straining of muscles and joints that goes along with more traditional exercise. The AGES equipment takes stress off of the joints and muscles.

Tightens Muscles
The AGES is believed to relax muscles that are overused while tightening underused muscles at the same time. The body is basically repositioning itself with the AGES ,which improves the body's form and posture.

Improves Circulation
The AGES can help improve circulation, so it is good for people who are easily fatigued when exercising. The AGES can also increase blood and lymph-fluid circulation.

Improves Posture
Another great benefit of the AGES is that it actually can
re-engineer a person's body posture. Improved body posture would benefit people the most, because it would take away the stress on joints and muscles from bad body positioning and would force other muscles to come into play.

Eliminates Toxins
As mentioned, the AGES increases blood and lymph-fluid circulation, which is important because an improved lymphatic system will carry toxins away from the cells and into the lymph nodes much more readily. The lymph nodes filter toxins and send them to the kidneys, where they are released.

A Safe Alternative
AGES is a logical choice for anyone with health problems, who is recovering from injuries, who has trouble getting around or who can't engage in more strenuous exercise. Speeds on the individual sections of the AGES equipment can be adjusted to provide a gentle experience for anyone who is in pain or who needs to ease slowly into body manipulation.

Tummy exerciser tones and tightens the  entire midriff  and tummy area by putting elasticity back into the abdominal muscles. It also improves the non-attractive TUMMY BULGE .  This  is  also  called  CRUNCHES  MACHINE.
This exerciser helps in toning and firming chest / bust, upper arms and shoulder muscles. It improves circulation, eases tension, stress and increases flexibility. It is very helpful in improving and reducing fat of the entire upper body.
Hip-waist exerciser gently stretches and relaxes the muscles of the waist area. The sideward swaying movement helps to reduce, firm, tighten the waist thighs and buttocks. This gentle rhythmic movement assists in strengthening the lower back and outer thighs of  the  body.
UPPER BODY EXERCISER This firms and exercises the entire upper body. It helps to improve posture and reduces excess flab in the upper back area. It also assist in firming and toning the under  arms,  midriff  and  abdominal  muscles.
Leg exerciser helps to undergo a smooth and circular exercise movement gently and effectively. It also assists in toning and trimming the entire leg area, including the inner,  outer  &  frontal  thighs.
The thigh exerciser effectively isolates the muscles of the inner and outer thighs, thereby toning, trimming and smoothening away the unattractive ripples in the lower body
Hip exerciser trims and tones the buttocks area by resisting tension. It also helps in toning the muscles of the abdominal area.
This exerciser helps to strengthen the muscles of the lower back and waist. It helps to stretch the lower body to strengthen  and  trim  it.
Why AGES Work
Our AGES utilize a combination of physical therapy and isometric exercise movements, so people of all ages regardless of health issues or limitations can use them. Every person works at their own endurance level, putting as much effort into each range of motion exercise as they are able to because of the high number of evenly measured repetitions achieved by using each of these machines, 2 hours a week on these machines is equal to 14 hours of strenuous traditional exercise. Positive results are seen quickly, providing increased motivation to continue. Since the AGES is motorized, a gentle rhythmic vibration is felt throughout
the entire body. This vibration reduces and often completely eliminates cellulite which is unheard of by doing any traditional exercise program. Isometric exercises actually strengthen internal muscles such as the heart and lungs, providing an even greater health benefit. These AGES EQUIPMENTS help a person to increase flexibility, improve blood circulation and increase energy while strengthening muscles and reducing inches. The tremendous increase
in blood circulation that occurs by using these AGES  EQUIPMENTS has helped many people with diabetes.

Regular  AGES  sessions result in the pelvis, back muscles, rib cage and shoulders being re-educated and re-aligned. This in turn results in improved posture, which brings about
  • Improved Health
  • Improved Physique
  • Increased Mobility
  • Overall feeling of well being
  • Elimination of back ache
Through the use of  AGES EQUIPMENTS  the user will :
Relax over-used muscles and tighten under-used muscles through the equal stimulation of the deeply positioned postural control muscles. Tone and Tightens Tummy and shoulder muscles to re-position the rib-cage, pelvis and shoulders. Tone outer muscles to give the body form and shape.