Beauty Management
At PERFECT POINT we specialise in results. Whether you want to achieve a younger-looking, clearer complexion or remove unwanted hair, we have a treatment to suit every skin type. WE invest in high quality, regulated and proven specialist equipment to deliver safe, effectiveskin treatments. All clients are taken through a full consultation together with a medical review to identify issues and are then prescribed appropriate treatments, products and courses. Whether you want younger looking skin, a flawless complexion or hair free skin, we offer a wide range of treatments all performed by expert practitioners.

From laser hair removal and skin resurfacing to advanced anti-ageing techniques, our highly experienced practitioners use only the latest technology and procedures to bring you the best possible results. Our treatments are complemented with a wide range of pharmaceutical-grade, (commonly known as cosmeceuticals) personally prescribed by our consultants to help you maintain your look at home.

Our treatments are a harmonious blend of cosmetological, dermatological, cosmeceutical, and Ayurvedic treatments, forms and principles delivered using only the latest equipment and technology. Wherever required, a scientific combination of specialized appliances with the products is used for best results. Each treatment is carried out by a professional using result oriented, time tested and scientific products that not only heal the surface but get to the root cause.

Perfect point is a safe, well regulated, professional skin clinic company that you can range from Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and laser hair removal, skin peels and resurfacing, acne, and anti-ageing treatments with chemical, laser and light, anti-ageing .All our treatments are supported by highly active, results driven, cosmeceutical product ranges, only available through registered clinics in the UK.